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Shwetha Bhatia

Shwetha Bhatia is The Founder at Mind Your Fitness and a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association.

Areas of expertise:

Cancer management.
Gastrointestinal disorders; including liver and pancreatic disorders.
Ante/ Postnatal care, Paediatric nutrition.
Endocrine and Metabolic disorders.
Sports nutrition.
Cardiac disorders.
Kidney disorders.



Thank you Mind your Fitness. Shweta and her team have helped me achieve the almost impossible to come back to professional cricket.

Ashay Palkar.

Age 32 years, Maharashtra Ranji Cricket Player.

Being a mother to a three-year-old child had led me to gain a lot of weight and body fat, today I have shed 17kgs of fat and stand at a lean 25% body fat.

Jahnvi Shah-Carey,

Age 41 years. Marathon Runner

The trio at Mind your fitness takes utmost care, navigates you, inspires you & makes sure that after your program you are on your path of achieving your desired goals.

Indrajeet Chougule

Age 30 years, IT Professional.

Video Testimonials

  • positive review  I tried many diet plans and many suggestions but none of them worked. Then i thought of giving a try with professional Dietitian and for the same I met Shweta and opted for 3 months plan for diet and exercise both. I started the diet and exercising and the results is unbelievable. I started loosing weight. I did have few non-diet weeks as well due to travel but didn't gained weight much. I lost total 17 KGs in 3 months and I hardly felt that I am on a diet. Shweta gives the diet plan according to our food choices, so almost everything you love is included in the plan, which makes it easier to follow . Exercising and proper food, really helped me to gain my confidence back. Results are miraculous. Shweta was very helpful and always available on phone. That helped me in clarifying my doubts even faster. Overall it was a great experience.

    Naman Sharma Avatar Naman Sharma
    3rd March 2020

    positive review  The fact that it’s focused on all round health and is adapted to your life style.

    Amruta Nemivant Avatar Amruta Nemivant
    7th December 2019

    positive review  In the past,like everyone I have feared the word ‘Diet’ & tried different methods to lose weight fast, but it kept coming back. Shwetha’s program helped me realise the importance of reading food labels, how individual nutrients affect the body and how choosing certain foods over the other no longer makes me feel like I’m Dieting & hungry all the time. Her structured Exercise program especially the importance of Weight Training (most women fear the word Muscle) is helping me reduce body fat. I follow the plan with more conviction now. Her very first counseling session is very informative,it clears all misconceptions you ever had about losing weight .... especially the difference between Weight Loss & Fat Loss! Her Program is very Personal. It’s customized towards every individuals Age, Medical condition & Fitness goals .Her team supports you on every step. You come out of the program feeling more confident, energized and in total charge of your life. I wish Shwetha and her team the very best! Keep it up!!

    Susheela Nayak Avatar Susheela Nayak
    2nd August 2019
  • positive review  one place for all your diet and health related issues and goals, customised meal plans with custom made workouts and VOILA you are on your way to being healthier and that much more closer to your fitness goals. This would be my second time that I tried out the nutrition plan with Shweta along with her assistant Mayuri and I have only one word to describe... satisfaction!! Mind your fitness definitely caters to all aspects of your health, fitness and nutrition ... my go to place... Mind your fitness!!!

    Shagufta Khan Avatar Shagufta Khan
    12th April 2020

    positive review  All in one place to meet nutrition, dietetics and physical therapy solutions. Aims at not only excellent client services but long term adherence to quality lifestyle measures through a team.

    Janhvi Vayada Avatar Janhvi Vayada
    3rd December 2019

    positive review  My journey with Mind your Fitness started in 2015. Being a mother for 3 years then, had reached my all time high in terms weight and fat percentage. Today, I have reached my all time low weight and all time low fat percentage. I have shed 17 kgs and 12.2 % body fat. I have been active for over last 15 years or so. I am a half marathoner, and an avid weight lifter and badminton player. So losing weight without affecting the athletic performance and strength was the key. I am lifting my highest ever weight across all exercises. Squats and Deadlift have been my biggest improvements. Thanks to the high fat, high protein , low carb diet given by Shwetha, I have been able to achieve all these seemingly impossible goals. She is always available to clear your doubts. Her trainer has also been diligent in following up on the workout plans. Come Septmeber, looking forward to the next running season to burn the road. This is just the start. Always a work in progress!!

    Jahnvi Shah-Carey Avatar Jahnvi Shah-Carey
    2nd June 2019
  • positive review  If you want to be fit & have healthy lifestyle in this busy world! Mind your fitness is your one stop solution. The trio at Mind your fitness takes utmost care, navigates you , inspires you & makes sure that after your program you are on your path of achieving your desired goals. My experience with Mind Your Fitness team, *Team is really supportive understood my requirement properly. *Customised diet plans as per requirement with all scientific details *Customised scientific workout plans as per my daily schedule. *Prompt and periodic follow ups by Shwetha. *All members of team are anytime available for resolving queries on call and watsapp. *Ofcourse being honest, sincere & sustaining the plan shared by team is the key. Kudos to the Team.

    Indrajeet Chougule Avatar Indrajeet Chougule
    3rd June 2019

    positive review  Earlier Pcod was big Challenge after following MYF diet and Exercises regime. I am feeling cheerful and enthusiastic. After following the Pcod course that the recovery was very easy.

    Gauri Khedekar Avatar Gauri Khedekar
    11th June 2020

    positive review  My experience with Mind Your Fitness was simply superb! I had reached a plateau in my exercise regime and needed something more effective and exciting in my fitness journey. I was given a super easy yet effective exercise and diet chart which helped me push through my plateau and made me fit and strong. The prompt and periodic follow ups by their dietitians is also worth mentioning here. These guys a just a call away to answer any of your queries. I am surely going to renew my subscription with them.

    Komal Paroolkar Avatar Komal Paroolkar
    11th February 2019
  • positive review  Traditional advice on diet and weight loss is outdated. I am sure that most of us have experienced the short comings of trying to lose weight or maintain your weight loss with a standard calorie deficit/ low fat kind of diet. In spite of being a Cosmetic surgeon, I was stuck in the same rut of weight loss and bounce back. Being a foodie, it was torture for me to give up my favorite foods and starve myself to maintain weight. Shwetha, through Mind Your Fitness, has guided my weight management through her modern and scientific diet plans. She does it just like it should be done. Her science is bang on target and that shows in the results. I am in a whole new place now and have no issues maintaining my weight. And i am having the most yummy food ever! The second chapter began when I took the next logical step and allowed her to guide my workouts! I am feeling like a new man now! She is leading me through a transformation that i had never thought possible. I recommend all my surgical body contouring patients to Mind Your Fitness for the right help in maintaining their results and modifying their lifestyle. There are no two ways about it! 👍

    Siddharth Prakash Avatar Siddharth Prakash
    13th June 2020

    positive review  Last year with my hectic work schedule I was following a very unhealthy lifestyle ... I realised I had to switch over a healthy lifestyle soon as my health started deteriorating. And the only saviour I knew I cud go to was Shwetha ..The best thing about Mind Your Fitness is the entire team is always motivating you with timely followups.. All this has worked wonders for me and my health ....keep up the good work!!! Love n hugs .. stay blessed 🙏❤️

    Mrunal Nair Avatar Mrunal Nair
    12th June 2020

    positive review  Thank you Mind your Fitness. Shweta and her team has helped me achieve the almost impossible come back to professional cricket. I weighed 95 kgs a year back and by no means looked athletic. I must appreciate your professional approach and work ethics. I have been following your nutrition program for a year now and have got amazing results in my game.

    Ashay Palkar Avatar Ashay Palkar
    24th May 2019

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