Unique Cases

*Identity of these clients has been kept undisclosed upon client request. For more information on these case studies, Kindly get in touch with us.

Profile: 60 year old gentleman, obese

Motor function and digestion are affected in PD,

Medications have side effects and interactions with food, to be taken lifelong.

It’s a progressive, incurable disease of the nervous system.

Outcomes: We managed to lower body fat with a special diet that is complementary to the medication and introduced gym based training that improved his mobility and overall fitness, medication dose was reduced by the treating doctor.

Profile: 79 year old gentleman, on dialysis 2/week.


  • Management included the diet to maintain muscle, customised training under a a special cardiac physio’s supervision.
  • 3 months blood work summary and body composition measurements show drastic improvements. He has been able to climb 4 floors when the lift wasn’t working after his dialysis, without breathlessness.
  • Walks without any aids.
  • No swelling in the limbs.

Profile: 25 year old girl, Judo player


  • Had to quit her training due to ill health, weakness, poor digestion.
  • Management included a diet that improved her stamina, gut health and additional sport psychology support for increasing self confidence.

1. Profile: 9 year old boy.

Outcomes: Parents were giving in to the child’s demands. Sugars were 300+ despite being on an insulin pump. A large part of the management was counselling & educating the parents, planning a menu with the child’s favourite foods that supported his illness, growth, academic demands and activity levels. We coordinated with the endocrinologist and the pump manufacturer’s representative to help adjust the insulin dose.

2. Profile: 27 year old overweight girl with type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism and PCOS + fractured foot.

Outcomes: Sugars were above 200. The avg sugar came down to 130 within a month. Management included
rehab + strengthening exercises, diet plan and emotional well-being support.

Profile: 27 year old boy.

Outcomes: CP causes Type 3c diabetes requiring insulin lifelong. We managed this case with a diet that brought down his insulin dose, introduced gym based training for improved fitness this also added to his overall body image.

1. Profile: 10 year old obese girl.

Outcomes: Started on a low carb diet including the child’s favourite foods. Psychological counselling led to testing and a psychiatrist’s intervention (she was diagnosed with ADD). The child was on medication. Parents were counselled as well. This child was also trained in the gym under supervision.

2. Profile: 16 year old boy- 160 kgs lost 63 kgs in 2 years.

Outcomes: Ketogenic diet + exercise program including weight training.

3. Profile: 6 month old formula fed baby.

Outcomes: Was on formula since birth due to unsuccessful lactation. Mother was keen on introducing the right foods for the baby. We gradually introduced supplementary solids and eliminated formula from the baby’s diet. Baby is now 11 months old and has reached all his developmental milestones with better immunity.

4. Profile: 14 year old hypothyroid boy.

Outcomes: Management includes medical intervention by the team endocrinologist, exercises monitored by a paediatric exercise specialist and diet plan to manage weight loss.

1. Profile: 60 year old gentleman, post cardiac bypass.

Outcomes: Initial home based training was managed by the cardiac physio.
gym based training was introduced under supervision after the cardiologist gave a clearance, diet was planned to maintain high blood sugars as the patient was on insulin.

2. Profile: 70 year old with a pacemaker, hypertension and mild kidney dysfunction.

Outcomes: Management includes medical intervention by the team nephrologist, exercises monitored by a cardiac rehab physiotherapist and diet plan to manage weight loss and kidney disease.

3. Profile: 43 year old gentleman post myocardial infarction.

Outcomes: Management includes exercises monitored by a cardiac rehab physiotherapist and diet plan to manage weight loss.

Profile: 40 year old overweight gentleman.

Outcomes: Management included a fat loss plan, customised training program and mental health counselling

Profile: 71 year old overweight gentleman and his 60 year old wife, runners.

Outcomes: Protocols included a diet, weight training guidelines that improved their timing, reduced injuries and the gentleman proudly boast of a body fat percent of 21 at 71 years of age.

Profile: 60 year old obese gentleman.

Outcomes: Management included a diet to support the disease, maintain blood parameters and exercise guidelines to reduce body fat and maintain fitness.

Profile: 70 year old gentleman, depressive.


  • Patient enrolled post surgery with uncontrolled sugars, digestive disturbances, insomnia and mental health disturbance (was on antidepressants).
  • Management included a diet to maintain blood sugar, digestion, counselling for depression and insomnia

1. Profile: 30 year old Female Banker.

Outcomes: Faster recovery with a diet and customised exercise plan.

2. Profile: 60 year old diabetic gentleman.

Outcomes: This gentleman had kidney dysfunction after Covid-19. Currently on the plan, his 1st month report already shows improved kidney function. He has been given exercise guidelines to improve his stamina and strength.

3. Profile: Ranji cricket Athlete

Outcomes: Hospitalised during a match, lost sense of taste and smell, we were in touch with the doctors. Post discharge protocols included sport psychology support, rehab exercise protocols for return to play and dietary management for faster recovery.

4. Profile: Post discharge ICU case (oxygen support at home)

Outcomes: Includes pulmonary rehab, diet plan and emotional wellbeing counselling sessions (our unique Covid Rehab Plan)

Profile: 43 year old woman, US based.

Outcomes: Sugars were 300+, she was on insulin with previous history of cancer. Introduced online personal training, currently on a ketogenic plan. The team consultant has also suggested change in the type of insulin with administration guidelines as spillage was suspected. The suggestions were given to the US physician for approval. Current sugars are under 100.

Profile: 27 year old girl with a genetic disorder.

Outcomes: Diet + exercise plan post discharge after being hospitalised for dengue.

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