Why Mind Your Fitness?

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The integration of mind and body is crucial for sports performance and general wellbeing, but seldom do we find an approach that teaches us how to harness that power. There are nutrition clinics, psychologists, gyms and fitness trainers, all striving to achieve the same goal, fighting a common battle in isolation. 

The need of the hour is integration of Mind, Nutrition and Muscle and that’s what we aim to provide at Mind Your Fitness. We follow an indigenous mNm (Mind-Nutrition-Muscle) approach. At the heart of mNm lies a multidisciplinary strategy where the physical and mental aspects are dealt with simultaneously. 

Mind Your Fitness! is that one stop integrated solution encompassing nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, medicine and psychology. 

team comprising of experienced and qualified domain experts handling clinical and sports performance cases with equal aplomb across age groups: UNDER ONE ROOF. 

How It Works


 At the heart of mNm lies a multidisciplinary strategy where the physical and mental aspects are dealt with simultaneously. Mind Your Fitness! is that one stop integrated solution encompassing nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, medicine and psychology. 

team comprising of experienced and qualified domain experts handling clinical and sports performance cases with equal aplomb across age groups: UNDER ONE ROOF. 

This eliminates the need for referring clients to multiple experts. Time is of essence in health management. Lapses in communication within your healthcare team can delay recovery and results, costing you both time and money.

How it Works

At Mind Your Fitness, EVERY CLIENT has a dedicated core team of a nutritionist, exercise consultant and psychologist delivering scientific, customised and sustainable solutions. The core team consults the medical team while managing challenging cases that need medical intervention.

Alternatively, the core team is available to speak to the client’s medical management team if the need arises. We want to see you become an empowered individual who goes from SICKNESS TO WELLNESS TO FITNESS!



Based on client experience

Testimonial - Sunil Thengodkar
Sunil Thengodkar

Discussed the problems in friendly environment with appropriate guidelines for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. Experienced positive results immediately. Thanks a lot MYF.

Recommended Package: Diabetes Management

Testimonial - Bharat Desai
Dr. Bharat Desai

I was under treatment for ischemic bowel, complicated by uncontrolled sugar and previous history of heart disease. I was also diagnosed with depression. My neuropathy and insomnia were taking a further toll on my wellbeing. Shweta Bhatia's plan has significantly improved my overall quality of life with all parameters, especially sugar well within control and a reduction in medications.

Recommended Package: Gastrointestinal Disorders

Testimonial - Amruta Nemivant
Amruta Nemivant

"The fact that it's focused on all round health and is adapted to your life style."

Testimonial - Akshay Palkar
Ashay Palkar

Thank you Mind your Fitness. Shweta and her team has helped me achieve the almost impossible come back to professional cricket. I weighed 95 kgs a year back and by no means looked athletic. I must appreciate your professional approach and work ethics. I have been following your nutrition program for a year now and have got amazing results in my game.

Recommended Package: Sports Performance

Testimonial - Dr Siddhart Prakash
Dr. Siddharth Prakash

Shweta guided my weight management through her modern and scientific diet plans. Her science is bang on target and that shows in the results. I am in a whole new place now and have no issues maintaining my weight. And I am having the yummiest food ever!

Recommended Package: Fat Loss

Testimonial - Purvi Ashar
Purvi Ashar

If you are looking at transforming your life beyond the number on your weighing scale, Shweta is your go to person. She helped my gut feel better, which helps my brain feel better and my energy levels at sky high.

Recommended Package: Miscellaneous

Testimonial - Dr. Mohsin Ansari
Dr. Mohsin Ansari MBBS, DNB

I am a doctor by profession and I was under treatment for urticaria. Shweta highlighted the importance of diet in controlling inflammation. The diet was planned to keep overall health in mind as my profession demands me to remain high on energy and immunity. As doctors, we are responsible for maintaining our own health first so that we can tend to our patients better.

Recommended Package: Miscellaneous

Juhi Malhotra Banker Mumbai

I had approached Mind Your Fitness after I was diagnosed with Covid-29 last year had mild symptoms but it took a toll on my energy levels. Being a banker was required to report back to work as it comes under the category of essential services. The multidisciplinary team helped me with a customized diet and the necessary corrections based on my blood parameters. was also guided by an exercise program to maintain my muscle health

Testimonial - Arpan Kaur
Arpan Kaur

Janvi from Mind Your Fitness has been helping me for the last 3 months. She listens patiently, tries to understand, and then comes up with a diet plan. I am not based in the same time zone as her (I am in the USA). She has been so nice to coordinate the timings and takes my questions even during her off hours. I approach her apart from the weekly follow up and she is there to advise. I plan to continue for more time as she is very encouraging and supportive.

Recommended Package: General Fitness

Testimonial - Prafulla Shetty
Prafulla Shetty 70 years, Mangalore

I consulted Shweta Bhatia for my blood sugar management. Over the years I've been managing my diet on my own but of late the had been off the mark. sugars Shweta's plan is sustainable, my energy levels are high, cravings are low. Moreover my sugar is completely within range now.

Recommended Package: Diabetes Management

Testimonial - Satyan Israni
Satyan Israni Lawyer, Mumbai

I am very happy with the results. Initially, when I enrolled into her program, I was finding it difficult to do even a very slow jog but over the past two months, under the guidance and support Shweta and her team, I have not just improved in my strength and mobility, I am also running better and have resumed playing cricket as well! I couldn't have asked for a better team to look after me.

Ashu Raghuwanshi Designation

Started my online postnatal training program with Dr Anuja Mhatre just when I was 3 months postpartum.. It has been a great learning experience for me.. Dr Anuja is highly professional and sessions with her are always fun.. She has helped me tremendously in reaching my fitness goals.. Forever grateful.. I highly recommend her!

Recommended Package: Post Pregnancy

Savita Karandikar

I am extremely excited to see the results after following very meticulously the regime given by you, I am able to control my weight very well, I truly appreciate your support and your patience for me, you have supported me and have always given me a lot of hope and confidence. I am very grateful to you, I wish you and your organisation the very best.

Anuprita Tanksale

I am so glad that I chose MIND YOUR FITNESS for my weight loss journey. I am pleased to recommend Anamta as a diet coach. She was so patient and understanding throughout my sessions. She understood my issues, and mood swings and without discouraging she still motivated me towards my fitness goals. She was very helpful in terms of medical assistance, food suggestions, cravings control and all over my mental health during the process. Like a friend, she kept constant support and I can proudly say I lost more than 5 kgs in 3 months despite my thyroid condition.
Thank you ANAMTA & thank you MIND YOUR FITNESS.

I'm grateful to Anamta and Mind Your Fitness team for their useful advice on food and nutrition for my son Sushaiv. Due to his metabolism rate, he was not gaining weight as per his age and height and as parents it was bothering us. With Anamta's mindful nutrition and health advice he gained appropriate weight and he is quite energetic. She also prescribed some supplements after carefully examining his blood and urine test reports. I appreciate her regular follow-ups as per schedules. She also genuinely provide her support during his illness. I am really thankful to Anamta and her team and also recommend Mind Your Fitness for all those who are seeking health care advice.

Ishan Punjani

I am truly pleased with Anamta's exceptional work. Thanks to her guidance, I achieved remarkable results. Her program was well-structured, effective, and tailored to my needs. Anamta's dedication and professionalism are truly commendable. I highly recommend her services.

Sharath Srinivas

I worked for a month with mind your fitness and it was a great experience. Prachiti Mali was my nutritionist and she helped me with my diet plan for the month! What really liked about the plan was we had a consultation call, and they understood what my needs are exactly and then designed the plan for me! We had 3 follow up calls in which very specific questions were asked and solutions were given. The diet given wasn’t very hard to follow, it was simple and easy to follow! With very minimal use of supplements i could get back to the stage that i wanted to be in terms of my energy levels and recovery! I would like to thank the entire team for offering me the plan and helping me.

Suman Melwani

Hi Prachiti I must express my sincere gratitude for your customized diet plans over the last six months. By following them I have actually lost quite a few kgs as well as being fit & trim. I am so glad I joined your plan and will join again in the very near future after I have settled in here in Mumbai. Moreover, chatting with you has been a very pleasant experience; last but not least many thanks for your patient replies and explanations to my countless doubts & questions. God bless you🙏🤗🙏


I had enrolled for the fat loss program at Mind Your Fitness (MYF). Before enrolling I had almost come down to eating only 1 meal a day. I was also tracking my glucose levels with a sensor and working out everyday with no results. Over a 3 month period, I’ve learnt the science of fat loss and how the body works on a weight loss plan. Counselling is the USP at MYF. Shweta and her team take efforts to explain the scientific approach they use in creating their diet and exercise plans. Once the foundation is set, it becomes easy to follow. Mainly I’ve understood that calorie counting does not work if you do not pay attention to the nutrients that make up those calories. The diet must complement the workout for best results. The exercise plan also was customised as per my goals. I’ve seen my body change every week. I’ve gained strength and stamina and lost fat without losing my enthusiasm. The plan is sustainable and I look forward to keep going on this transformation journey. Thank you team MYF!!


Hello! Im Amaara Melwani. I’m 10 years old. I live in the US and I’m a figure skater. I exercise daily. My activities include gymnastics, swimming and figure skating. Ms. Shweta has planned my diet and Im following it since 4 months. She has taught me the importance of food for my growth and activity levels. I feel more energetic now and don’t get tired. The plan is easy to follow. She is my family’s food doctor. Thank you Ms. Shweta.

Komal Paroolkar

My experience with Mind Your Fitness was simply superb! I had reached a plateau in my exercise regime and needed something more effective and exciting in my fitness journey. I was given a super easy yet effective exercise and diet chart which helped me push through my plateau and made me fit and strong. The prompt and periodic follow ups by their dietitians is also worth mentioning here. These guys a just a call away to answer any of your queries. I am surely going to renew my subscription with them.

Susheela Nayak

In the past,like everyone I have feared the word ‘Diet’ & tried different methods to lose weight fast, but it kept coming back. Shwetha’s program helped me realise the importance of reading food labels, how individual nutrients affect the body and how choosing certain foods over the other no longer makes me feel like I’m Dieting & hungry all the time. Her structured Exercise program especially the importance of Weight Training (most women fear the word Muscle) is helping me reduce body fat. I follow the plan with more conviction now. Her very first counseling session is very informative,it clears all misconceptions you ever had about losing weight .... especially the difference between Weight Loss & Fat Loss! Her Program is very Personal. It’s customized towards every individuals Age, Medical condition & Fitness goals .Her team supports you on every step. You come out of the program feeling more confident, energized and in total charge of your life. I wish Shwetha and her team the very best! Keep it up!!

Shagufta Khan

one place for all your diet and health related issues and goals, customised meal plans with custom made workouts and VOILA you are on your way to being healthier and that much more closer to your fitness goals. This would be my second time that I tried out the nutrition plan with Shweta along with her assistant Mayuri and I have only one word to describe... satisfaction!! Mind your fitness definitely caters to all aspects of your health, fitness and nutrition ... my go to place... Mind your fitness!!!

Naman Sharma

I tried many diet plans and many suggestions but none of them worked. Then i thought of giving a try with professional Dietitian and for the same I met Shweta and opted for 3 months plan for diet and exercise both. I started the diet and exercising and the results is unbelievable. I started loosing weight. I did have few non-diet weeks as well due to travel but didn't gained weight much. I lost total 17 KGs in 3 months and I hardly felt that I am on a diet. Shweta gives the diet plan according to our food choices, so almost everything you love is included in the plan, which makes it easier to follow . Exercising and proper food, really helped me to gain my confidence back. Results are miraculous. Shweta was very helpful and always available on phone. That helped me in clarifying my doubts even faster. Overall it was a great experience.

Tara Ramchandani

I am very happy with MYF. My counsellor Sidhant has always been very helpful in guiding me to reach my goals. With so much information, it becomes difficult to filter fact from fiction. I appreciate and applaud the customised nutrition & supplementation plan which is bang on to your specific requirement. It has been very encouraging to see positive results by the week. I wish MYF all the best and hope they continue to help people to reach their goals the correct way.

Gauri Khedekar

Earlier Pcod was big Challenge after following MYF diet and Exercises regime. I am feeling cheerful and enthusiastic. After following the Pcod course that the recovery was very easy.

Anila Lalwani

I highly recommend Mind Your Fitness. Janvi Dhanak is excellent, hand holding me through the process

Prajna Shetty

I can’t believe how in-depth the nutritional advice provided was. I used to exercise A LOT and wasn’t getting the results. It wasn’t until I started eating right that I got awesome results! I really thought I knew what ‘eating right’ was, but little did I know! Thanks Shwetha Bhatia and Mind Your Fitness.


Got the best fitness and nutrition tips from the Mind Your Fitness team. I highly recommend it! to people looking to improve their overall health.

Sushma Semwal

Right now due to pandemic, consultations are done online. Shwetha and her team patiently listens and tries to understand the motivation and health goals the user has, short and long term and accordingly addresses them. Will definitely recommend her.

Souvik Chowdhury

The team focuses on improving your overall health. I started following the customized plan and the results were unbelievable. My experience with MYF was simply superb. I strongly recommend it.

Sanket Sule

The team at mind your fitness is great. The diet plan was simple to follow yet effective. The exercise plan helped me reach my fitness goals. Overall it was amazing experience ☺️

Prathamesh Nagap

The team at mind your fitness is great. The diet plan was simple to follow yet effective. The exercise plan helped me reach my fitness goals. Overall it was amazing experience ☺️

Surbhi Vora

It was good experience with the Mind your Fitness. Dietitian understands the needs of the client and make changes accordingly.! Diet plan is easy to follow in daily regime.

Vidul Shukla

I had a wonderful experience with the MYF team. I was always very lazy regarding my health. But MYF team made sure that I follow everything and the consultants personally tracked my progress on regular basis and motivated me to reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Siddhant Sule

The diet plan given by the MYF team was on point wrt to my health goals. The diet and exercise plan were easy to follow, ample of options and there was complete support from the team during the entire period of time. I recommend Mind Your Fitness to everyone who wants to correct their lifestyle.

Sneha Sagwekar

So it's been 1 month I am following my diet given by Jhanvi. I could see a lot of changes in my workout routine and stamina Within 10 days I was feeling like a different human. I feel consistency is the key and if you follow the diet and exercises they provide it which change the entire game for you Thank you for helping me out inmy new journey towards a fitter lifestyle

riya bhatia

I was working with Janvi and she was very easy to communicate with and also helped me with my nutrition. Really liked it!

Mona Meshram

I was fortunate to know about the nutrition benefits in mind your fitness and it’s been really helpful to know how body works , it’s like getting know small small things and makes Magical wonders in your body Thank you Shweta n team for giving me the best nutrition plan


The overall team was excellent and very knowledgeable. My Dietician Rabab in particular was extremely helpful, kind, compassionate, customized diet according to my taste and shared some wonderful recipes too which I enjoyed!! My first ever diet experience was wonderful and gave me confidence that diet can be enjoyable too!! Turn around time for the fitness trainer however was a concern however I managed! Overall a good experience!!

Sumeet Ghodke

Post a shoulder surgery, I was struggling with my recovery and was impacting my energy levels and sleep quality. Once I started working with Shweta, I saw dramatic change in the way I felt, I slept better than ever and had a lot of energy to be as active as I wanted. The approach of first principles and education was an extra value add. The learning’s with the team have enabled me to handle any future health situation that I face. Thank you Shweta for all the efforts and learnings!!

Sharon Pinto

I reached out to Mind Your Fitness to understand my body's current need for macro proportions (proteins, fats, carbs) to be able to meet my fitness goals. Janvi the senior nutritionist from the team helped me with these goals with patience and understanding and regular follow ups. Helping me figure what supplements and alternatives to the regular sugary cheats would help me take care of cravings, while still staying on track. My conversations with Shwetha the founder and head nutritionist were always back by reasons and research based in the science of nutrition, how imbalances in micro nutrients and consumption of too many carbs is detrimental to my mental and physical energy and health. THE OUTCOME: improved physical strength and performance, better mental energy levels and now over 6 months into their plans, I am able to self sustain, without feeling the impulse to eat foods that do me more harm than good! Thank you MIND YOUR FITNESS!

Shshank Shetye

The entire Mind your fitness team is excellent and highly knowledgeable.

Sylvia Pinto

I had some health issues and I was not very comfortable taking allopathic medicines. My main purpose was to strengthen my gut, so my daughter introduced me to Mind Your Fitness. Initially, I was so apprehensive if I could survive a three month diet plan. Thanks to Ms. Janvi, a senior nutrionist who planned a flexible diet and then slowly introduced me to Keto diet and supplements. She also suggested physiotherapy for my weak knees and stiffness in my neck to shoulder. Dr. Jharna taught few exercises to strengthen my neck and shoulder. I feel better and more healthier than before I started the diet plan. Also I lost 50 % of my love handles Hoping to lose more with the maintenance plan suggested by Ms. Janvi. Thanks to Shwetha and her whole team for guiding me to lead a happy and healthy life.

Frederick Pinto

I had chronic back pain for many years. My food habits were unhealthy and I was gaining weight. Concerned about my health, my daughter introduced me to Shwetha Bhatia, a renowned dietician and founder of Mind Your Fitness. After hearing me and understanding my problems, she directed me to Jharna Damania, physiotherapist and Janvi Dhanak, nutritionist at Mind Your Fitness. The sessions of physiotherapy really helped me. My pain has reduced to a great extent. The Diet Plan given by Janvi alongwith some health supplements showed an amazing result over a period of 6 months. My weight and belly fat has reduced substantially. I have also lost in inches around my waist. I feel energetic too. I sincerely thank the team at Mind Your Fitness who assisted me in regaining my health. Special thanks to Janvi, who monitored my health progress every week.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in

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