Why Mind Your Fitness?


The integration of mind and body is crucial for sports performance and general wellbeing, but seldom do we find an approach that teaches us how to harness that power. There are nutrition clinics, psychologists, gyms and fitness trainers, all striving to achieve the same goal, fighting a common battle in isolation. The need of the hour is integration of Mind, Nutrition and Muscle and that’s what we aim to provide at Mind Your Fitness. We follow an indigenous mNm (Mind-Nutrition-Muscle) approach. At the heart of mNm lies a multidisciplinary strategy where the physical and mental aspects are dealt with simultaneously. Mind Your Fitness! is that one stop integrated solution encompassing nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, medicine and psychology. 

A team comprising of experienced and qualified domain experts handling clinical and sports performance cases with equal aplomb across age groups: UNDER ONE ROOF. 

This eliminates the need for referring clients to multiple experts. Time is of essence in health management. Lapses in communication within your healthcare team can delay recovery and results, costing you both time and money.

At Mind Your Fitness, EVERY CLIENT has a dedicated core team of a nutritionist, exercise consultant and psychologist delivering scientific, customised and sustainable solutions. The core team consults the medical team while managing challenging cases that need medical intervention. Alternatively, the core team is available to speak to the client’s medical management team if the need arises. We want to see you become an empowered individual who goes from SICKNESS TO WELLNESS TO FITNESS!


At Mind Your Fitness, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and nutrition needs..

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