Rounded Shoulders & Its Impact on Posture

Sports Dieticians consultant

Rounded shoulders is caused when the resting shoulder position moves forward than the usual shoulder position. It affects the ideal shoulder alignment and causes postural imbalance if not corrected or treated. The shoulders look slumped in position, hence the term Rounded Shoulders.  If someone is observed from the side view, it looks as if the […]

Shin Splints & Running

Shin Splints & Running

Lower leg pain can also present in the form of pain in the shin. This condition is called Shin Splints. Intensity of the pain depends on the level of activity or muscle strain caused in the lower leg muscles. Runners and sprinters are the most affected with shin pain. Causes of Shin splints/shin pain: Other […]

Calf Pain & Obesity

Calf pain & Obesity

Calf muscle is an anti-gravity muscle and helps in walking/ running/ jogging/ sprinting/static standing posture.  Skeletal muscle pump: the calf muscle also helps in pumping blood back to the heart through the venous system through the dorsiflexion & plantar flexion movements of the ankle,thereby causing significant calf muscle contraction. The strength & flexibility of calf […]