Communicating with teenagers

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Parenting a teenager can sometimes be a challenge. There may be days when you get frustrated and wonder whether you can have a normal chat with your child. There may be times when we feel like you’ve taken two steps forward and three steps backward. Most parents are aware of this and want to do […]

Tips for feeding your toddler

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We all know that good nutrition especially for children from birth to 24 months is vital for healthy growth and development. Parents and caregivers need credible, clear, and consistent information to help infants and toddlers get a healthy start in life. Children with healthier eating patterns in their first year of life are more likely […]

The Positives in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

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A study by Jyotsna Akam Venkata and Anuja S Panicker published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry (2013) has found that ADHD is prevalent among 11.32% of primary school children in India. What is more important is that even before a child is diagnosed the parents know that their child is restless, easily distracted, talks […]