The Positives in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

The Positives in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

A study by Jyotsna Akam Venkata and Anuja S Panicker published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry (2013) has found that ADHD is prevalent among 11.32% of primary school children in India. What is more important is that even before a child is diagnosed the parents know that their child is restless, easily distracted, talks too loudly and out of turn, etc.

ADHD is a disorder that needs professional help. Most children are restless and spontaneous and impulsive but in the case of ADHD, these symptoms are predominant and persistent. They would need proper diagnoses and counselling for which you need to see a psychologist. They may also need medication to control certain symptoms for which you can seek the help of a psychiatrist.

The question that arises then is-What are some socially perceived positive traits that can be seen in a post diagnosed child?

One of the most important traits these children share is compassion. They always root for the underdog because they know that it’s ok to be different. They accept people and don’t go looking for their flaws. Children who have ADHD can be very creative. They have so many different thoughts at once that it helps them solve problems more easily by thinking out of the box.

Another characteristic found in these children is flexibility. They consider a lot of options and accept change more easily than other children They can be exasperating but are rarely boring They are motivated to complete an activity especially if it is interactive or hands-on. So, for example, if they enjoy gardening they could spend a lot of time looking after their plants. The point is, they need to be interested in and enjoy the activity.

They may seem disorganised and distracted, in fact, they are very perceptive. For example, if a group of 5 kids are making a sand castle on the water’s edge,.4 of them will be focused on the task while the 5th who is distracted and looking everywhere will probably notice the big wave that is likely to wash over them and the castle and warn the rest.

Their resilience is remarkable. They face so many setbacks and difficulties that they have learnt to adapt., adjust and get past problems easily. They can be extremely generous and protective of the ones they love. It gives them a pleasure to make people happy and they easily lend their shoulder for a friend to lean on.

It is not always easy parenting a child diagnosed with ADHD. It is, however, important to train yourself to look at the positives and teach your child to do so as well.

Written by Sujatha Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Mind Your Fitness!

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