Treatment of knee pain.

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Treatment of Knee Pain Treating knee pain consists of two main components: Improved Flexibility. Increased strength of the muscles. Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability of muscles to lengthen sufficiently. It involves stretching the large muscle groups called the Hamstring and Quadriceps which control the knee joint. Stretches of lower limb muscles is a must. Strength: […]

Management of Knee Pain

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In a 2 part series, we will be looking at the causes and management of knee pain. The knee is a complicated joint with two components: the knee cap attachment to the femur (thigh bone) The joint space between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia ( lower leg bone) It has only two movements […]

Slipped Disc : Is it okay to lift weights?

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What is PIVD? -It is known as the prolapse of the intervertebral disc and is commonly known as “slipped disc” or “herniated disc”. Discs are cushion-like structures between the vertebrae of the spine which help in shock absorption, in absorbing the shear forces placed on the spine in antigravity movements like standing, sitting, walking or […]