What is Covid 19 Rehabilitation?

Covid 19 rehabilitation

Countries across the globe are in various stages of the pandemic with many now entering the “day after” Covid 19 phase. Covid 19 is an inflammatory condition and “Long Covid” refers to the after effects that last even after negative testing. Physiotherapy is essential in all phases to facilitate early discharge and promote quick recovery. Rehabilitation is key […]

Exercise for Dialysis Patients

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Most dialysis patients believe they cannot exercise. The truth is—most dialysis patients CAN and SHOULD exercise. Many renal patients describe regular exercise as the first activity that made them feel “normal” again after starting dialysis treatments.   Medical professionals working in renal rehabilitation have shown that a regular exercise program, however, limited, not only enhances a person’s potential […]

Heart Disease In Women

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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)  has traditionally been seen as a “man’s problem”.  CVD is the leading cause of death in women too, worldwide. The misconception that women are protected against CVD makes it’s management all the more challenging. There is a need of increasing awareness of the symptoms and risk factors pertaining to women’s heart health.  It is […]

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

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Cardiac rehabilitation is a branch of rehabilitation medicine or physical therapy dealing with optimizing physical function in patients with cardiac disease or recent cardiac surgeries. Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Cardiac rehab is provided in an outpatient clinic or in a hospital rehab centre. The cardiac rehab team includes: Who is it for? Risk analysis Before starting […]

Physiology of Endurance Training Part 1: Energy Systems

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Understanding how our bodies work will be quite helpful in our pursuit to optimise Endurance performance. A person training for competing in endurance-based events requires a significant amount of energy. In this part, we will learn about energy and the various pathways through which our body derives it from. What is Energy? To begin, Energy […]

Physiology Of Endurance Training Part 1 : Cardiopulmonary System

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In our earlier blog we have seen that endurance based activities primarily depend on Oxidative Phosphorylation (Oxygen) energy system, hence it is beneficial for an athlete or coach to understand the fundamentals of cardiopulmonary system, which is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. The word cardiopulmonary stands for heart and lungs and the mechanism […]

Physiology of Endurance Training Part 3: Effects on the Cardiopulmonary system.

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Until now, we have seen that an improvement in the oxygen carrying ability is an important factor contributing to peak performance in endurance sport, since it is heavily dependent on the oxidative energy system (Oxygen dependent). Athletes can see significant improvements in the cardiopulmonary system and oxygen carrying capabilities of the body through regular training, […]