What is Covid 19 Rehabilitation?

What is Covid 19 Rehabilitation?
Resuming normal physical activity after Covid requires you to have optimal function of 1. Respiratory muscles 2. Cardiac function 3. Strength in skeletal muscles. Our cardiac rehab expert Dr Anuja Mhatre explains how Covid Rehabilitation works in our latest blog article.

Countries across the globe are in various stages of the pandemic with many now entering the “day after” Covid 19 phase.

Covid 19 is an inflammatory condition and “Long Covid” refers to the after effects that last even after negative testing.

Physiotherapy is essential in all phases to facilitate early discharge and promote quick recovery.

Rehabilitation is key to ensure that patients do not deteriorate after discharge and require readmission. According to WHO it includes managing:

  • lung damage
  • heart damage or inflammation such as myocarditis or pericarditis
  • cognitive impairments that affect memory or concentration
  • conditions that affect the blood vessels, such as clotting
  • lasting effects from complications, such as heart attack, stroke.
  • anxiety/depression
  • muscle or joint pain
  • chronic fatigue

Physical therapy for those recovering from COVID-19 aims to:

  • restore muscular function 
  • reduce the likelihood of mental health conditions that may occur as a result of limited mobility
  • enable people to return to their normal lives

Covid rehabilitation can be done in rehabilitation centers as well as online with a qualified physical therapist. The structure includes an integrated program of graded range of motion exercises, strength training, balance training and breathing techniques.

~Dr. Anuja Mhatre, Cardiac Rehab Expert, Mind Your Fitness!




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Barbara Melton

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