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The SLD is a functional exercise that can be used by athletes for improving balance and coordination. Include it in your warm ups for better stability. Our expert physio Janhvi Vayada explains it in detail in our latest blog article

This is a beneficial postural and functional exercise.

The exercise aims to help in balance, coordination and stability of the whole body.

This exercise can be done by advance level athletes.

The exercise is used as a pre-exercise mobility drill, or for improving hip biomechanics & post- injury rehabilitation.

Exercise technique:

The swapping of the weight of kettlebell helps to challenge the muscles of the core, improves the balance and strengthens the hip stabilisers.

Role of holding and shifting the kettlebell weight:

Common mistakes while doing this exercise:

How to improve on the exercise:

Muscles working in this exercise:

Dr. Janhvi Vayada – Clinical Sports Physiotherapist

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