Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav

His secret recipe to success: Revealed!

Real-life nutrition plan, according to Shweta Bhatia

Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav

His secret recipe to success: Revealed!

Real-life nutrition plan, according to Shweta Bhatia

suryakumar yadav diet

Mastering the Game: Ishan Kishan's Journey Through Diet and Performance

His consistent performances have been evident not only in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with the Mumbai Indians but also in One Day Internationals (ODIs). While he might make scoring runs look easy, achieving such excellence in cricket requires immense dedication and hard work. His secret diet plays a significant role in keeping him fit and enhancing his game.
His diet is tailored to his specific needs as an athlete. It includes essential components like healthy fats, top-quality proteins from non-vegetarian sources, dairy products, and fibrous carbohydrates from vegetables. For staying hydrated during matches and training, he follows fluid and electrolyte guidelines. Here’s a closer look at his dietary regimen, which is designed by his dietitian, Shwetha Bhatia.

What is Sports Nutrition?

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of providing nutrients to athletes so that they can perform at their best.

An athlete on a bespoke sports nutrition plan will improve performance, prevent injuries, and recover faster, optimizing the effects of training in the shortest possible time.

Inadequate sports nutrition results in reduced performance, fatigue, impaired immunity and increased risk of injury or illness.

Consuming the right type of food and fluids in adequate quantities at the right time is crucial for athletes. Athletes who train multiple times a day need to ensure that they recover well between sessions.

Apart from the diet, the use of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids is crucial for enhancing performance. Athletes also need to ensure that their diets do not contain substances banned by WADA or their sporting body. Training without a back-up of nutrients can also impair immunity.

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have always been aware of the power of nutrition to enhance their performance but it is now becoming a mainstream part of our culture with more people than ever realizing that what they put in their mouth can have a huge impact on how they feel, both physically and mentally.

Sports Nutritionists work with athletes, teams and individual competitors to improve endurance, maximize performance, minimize injuries, improve recovery time between workouts or games.

Here’s a glimpse of what Ishan Kishan typically eats:

  • Breakfast often consists of eggs or a protein smoothie.
  • Lunch includes vegetables/salads, a non-vegetarian protein source like chicken or fish, along with paneer and yogurt.
  • Dinner mirrors his lunch choices.

Additionally, he incorporates sports performance-boosting supplements before, during, and after training. These supplements can include whey protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and joint health supplements.

The diet plan is flexible and adapts to his match schedules and training demands. A professional menu planner helps make healthy alternatives to avoid monotony. 

Effect on His Performance:

A well-structured diet and fitness plan can have a significant impact on a cricketer’s performance. By ensuring he was well-nourished and physically fit, Ishan Kishan could enhance his stamina, agility, and endurance during matches and training sessions. This, in turn, could contribute to his ability to perform consistently at a high level.

In the IPL, Ishan Kishan’s impressive performances, such as scoring 303 runs in 8 matches at an average of 43.29 in the 2022 season, are a testament to his skill and dedication to maintaining peak physical condition.

His dedication to fitness and nutrition likely helped him perform well in the international cricket matches he participated in, including ODIs and T20Is. These formats demand different skills and fitness levels, and having a well-rounded approach to fitness and nutrition can be a game-changer for a cricketer.

Balancing Act: Ishan Kishan’s Cheat Meals and Cricket Performance

As for cheat meals, Ishan Kishan takes his performance seriously and doesn’t indulge in junk or comfort foods often. When he does have a craving, he plans cheat meals strategically, ensuring they don’t hinder his performance. The type of food and the timing are carefully chosen.

In addition to his diet, Ishan Kishan also complements his fitness routine with weightlifting and targeted exercises, all guided by his strength and conditioning coach. This well-rounded approach to his physical and dietary regimen contributes to his exceptional performance on the cricket field.

Ishan Kishan Career Stats:

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~Shweta Bhatia, Registered Dietitian (Indian Dietetic Association)