Cancer Management

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. Lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach and liver cancer are the most common types of cancer in men, while breast, colorectal, lung, cervical and thyroid cancer are the most common among women.
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Whether newly diagnosed, undergoing active therapy, recovering from treatment or in remission and trying to prevent cancer recurrence, nutrition is an important component of cancer care and management.

Major goals of nutrition in cancer are:

  • Prevent or reverse nutrient deficiencies
  • Preserve muscle mass to better tolerate treatment impact
  • Minimize treatment-related side effects
  • Maximize quality of life

Aspects that are kept in mind while planning the diet protocol are:

  • Careful review of individual’s appetite and oral intake
  • Maintenance of weight
  • Managing side effects of treatment
  • Chemoprevention: is the use of a medication, vitamin or supplement to stop cancer from developing. It can lower the risk of a cancer recurrence or a new cancer for those at high risk.
  • Digestive symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea.
  • Food preferences.
  • Post surgery requirements.
  • Managing co existing complications like diabetes, hypertension and abnormal blood reports.
  • Supplementation based on the type of treatment given (radiotherapy, chemo therapy and immunotherapy)
  • Stage and type of cancer. For example; In oral cancer, damage to the tissue inside the mouth develops after starting treatment. So, dealing with changes in taste, dry mouth, pain and inflammation from cancer treatment are the aspects kept in mind while planning the diet.


Exercise helps in preserving muscle, reduces fatigue, improves fitness, overall being, confidence and even recurrence in cancer survivors. Our training team will carefully evaluate the baseline condition/discomfort before prescribing the exercise plan. It is progressively updated until you see significant changes in your energy levels, recovery, strength, mobility and stamina.


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