Yoga & Pregnancy

Pregnant woman performing yoga pose on mat, promoting healthy exercise and relaxation for both mother and baby.

Why you should practise yoga during pregnancy?  Yoga is union of Mind & Body. During pregnancy mother & baby lives and breathes together. By the practice of asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), affirmation, meditation helps you to connect with your baby through your mind, body and breath. It can help to enhance your awareness of […]

Exercise During Pregnancy

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In the not-so-distant past, women were urged to cut down on or even avoid exercise during pregnancy. Doctors feared that the jarring motion of running or lifting weights could damage the fetus, and prescribed abstinence from these activities even for the professional athletes. Fortunately, the tide has turned and it has been proven that exercising […]

Lactation Nutrition

Lactation is a calorie burning activity. In the past, mothers were told not to lose too much weight too fast after pregnancy because it was thought that a rapid weight loss could possibly accelerate the release of toxins stored in a woman’s body fat. However, this has not been proven to be true. Nonetheless, slow, […]

Covid19 and Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the 1st vaccine for your child. Available data shows vertical transmission of the virus is not possible through breast milk. However a positive mother can transmit the virus through respiratory droplets to her baby. Benefits of breastfeeding are reduced if it is not kept exclusive.  Addition of even a single feed of […]

Breast is Best

Breastfeeding is the best way of providing ideal food for the growth and development of the baby.   Breastfeeding recommendations Start breastfeeding within one hour of birth. Practice exclusive breastfeeding from birth to 6 months and continue upto 2 years if possible with complementary feeds. this does not apply to formula feeds. Complementary feeds Introduce appropriate […]

Exercise Recommendations Post Pregnancy

Exercise Recommendations Post Pregnancy At the outset, let’s define the postpartum period and things to bear in mind specific to this phase while planning an exercise program. What is the postpartum period?  A postpartum (or postnatal) period begins immediately after the child’s birth. This period is distinct in three phases:  The initial or acute period involves […]

World Thyroid Day

25th May is celebrated as World Thyroid Day to raise awareness among people battling thyroid disorders.  5 common thyroid diseases in India: (1) hypothyroidism, (2) hyperthyroidism, (3) goiter and iodine deficiency disorders, (4) Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and (5) thyroid cancer. Thyroid disorders are on the rise in India:   According to a clinical survey, about 32% Indians […]

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Covid 19 rehabilitation

COVID-19 and Pregnancy If you are pregnant, you are more prone to getting infections and may have several questions regarding your pregnancy and baby. You As yet, there is no evidence that pregnant women who get this infection are more at risk of serious complications. It is expected the large majority of pregnant women will […]