A healthy pregnancy means a healthy baby and less complications during pregnancy and childbirth.The diet and exercise plan followed during pregnancy plays a crucial role.



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Weight gain increases risk of pregnancy related complications and affects the health of your child. Weight gain between pregnancies and not being able to lose previous pregnancy weight increases birth complications for the 2nd child. It disturbs thyroid function and affects the baby’s development. Weight loss attempts must be planned as part of the pre-pregnancy checklist. If you are overweight at conception or have diabetes, the goal is to prevent large gains during pregnancy while still providing adequate nourishment for the baby. This also applies to women opting for IVF/assisted reproduction. Lifestyle changes help in better treatment outcomes.


  1. Calories and protein adequacy as per pregnancy trimester.
  2. Prenatal supplements.
  3. Management of cravings, nausea, acid reflux and constipation.
  4. Managing medical conditions eg., gestational diabetes.

Pre exercise evaluation

1-on-1 Online Training (Conducted by an experienced physiotherapist who specialises in prenatal fitness)


In the not-so-distant past, women were urged to cut down on or even avoid exercise during pregnancy. Doctors feared that the jarring motion of running or lifting weights could damage the fetus, and prescribed abstinence from these activities even for the professional athletes. Fortunately, the tide has turned and it has been proven that exercising actually makes for an easier pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy means looser joints, body’s centre of gravity shifting, changes in heart rate and blood volume!

Clearance by the gynaecologist and detailed screening by a qualified physiotherapist well versed with pre natal exercise programs are required before starting any program.

Our prenatal exercise experts can address all your exercise related concerns and structure a suitable plan for you.

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