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Sports Dietitians

Sports Nutrition is a pillar of an athlete’s success, unique to every athlete. Whether you are a recreational or a professional athlete, it can result in improvements in performance, injury prevention, and faster recovery, optimizing the effects of training in the shortest possible time.

Sports Nutrition

Consuming the right type/amount of food and fluids at the right time is important for those who are actively participating in sports.

Athletes who train multiple times a day need to ensure that they recover well between sessions.

Young athletes may have higher requirements to support growth and demands of sport.

Supplementation (including vitamins and minerals) is crucial for enhancing performance. Types of supplements:

  • Ergogenic aids
    •  Thermogenic aids
    •  Nootropics
    • Energy production
    •  Buffers
    • Recovery agents
    •  Joint health
    •  Anti –oxidants

Professional athletes need to ensure that they do not take banned substances.

The pre-competition phase is the perfect time to aim for body composition goals like cutting body fat, gaining muscle or developing new skills.

Role of a Sports Nutritionist

Sports nutritionists understand how an athlete responds to a certain diet and develop a sustainable plan. They can guide with the supplement stack specific to the sport. They can also provide more economical options for those on a budget.

The pre, intra and post training nutrition/hydration guidelines are based on:

  • Intensity and frequency of training.
  • Training structure (annual sport calendar).
  • Body composition.
  • Medical history.
  • Digestive issues.

Specific plans will cater to:

  • Race day schedule
  • Travel: The diet must be planned in advance depending upon the availability of food items at the event venue.

Whenever you seek healthcare advice, it is important to check the person’s credentials.

A qualified sports nutritionist is the one who holds a DEGREE  in SPORTS NUTRITION from an accredited university. They study exercise physiology and sports science in detail. They are trained to plan diets for various categories of sports.

Why us?

At Mind Your Fitness, we follow an integrated approach. The core areas covered are:

1. Diet

After conducting the nutritional assessment, a customized diet is planned based on:

  • blood reports
  • the kind of food prepared at home,
  • the schedule,
  • medical conditions/allergies if any,
  • healthy recipes/substitutes recommended
  • exercise schedule
  • sport specific training.

2. Exercise guidelines (pre exercise evaluation in case of injury/ aches/ pains)

3. Supplementation guidelines

4. Emotional wellbeing counselling.

Goal: A sustainable plan to improve body composition, fitness levels and optimal sports performance.


A dedicated sports nutritionist, an exercise consultant and a sports psychologist will be assigned during the course of the program.

Continuous support:

After the diet and exercise plan has been handed over, regular follow ups are scheduled to monitor progress. The team provides continuous support even in between scheduled follow ups.

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The team will suggest an integrated plan based on the report.