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Pediatric Nutrition

Childhood obesity is a significant public health problem. It results from an unhealthy lifestyle & in some cases due to medical conditions. Somewhere between 6-8 % of school children in India are obese.

Obesity and diabetes during pregnancy set the stage for your child’s future risk for obesity and other diseases. Exclusive breastfeeding protects your baby against obesity. Formula-fed babies tend to be overweight.

If your child seems to be moving out of the normal percentiles as per the growth chart, immediate action needs to be taken.


Heart disease begins in childhood. Overweight children are in need of cholesterol screening regardless of family history or other risk factors.

Given the current epidemic of childhood obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease in older children, screening with a fasting lipid profile remains a targeted approach by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

The American Diabetes Association recommends screening for type 2 diabetes beginning at 10 years of age or the onset of puberty in children who are overweight or obese and have two additional risk factors.

Where could parents be going wrong?

  1. Most parents are not aware that their child is overweight. Chubby children are perceived as “cute”.
  2. Parents’ own habits influences their children’s habits as well.
  3. Overweight kids may not register when they are actually full.
  4. Screen time.
  5. Current exercise recommendations for those ages >6 years of age are 60 minutes every day at a moderate intensity including muscle-strengthening exercises. Online personal training or group classes for kids can also be arranged under the expert guidance.

Why us?

At Mind Your Fitness, we follow an integrated approach. The core areas covered are:

1. Diet

After conducting the nutritional assessment, a customized diet is planned based on:

  • the kind of food prepared at home,
  •  the child’s schedule,
  • medical conditions/allergies if any,
  • favourite foods
  • healthy recipes/substitutes for junk
  • school menu
  • sports performance requirements

2. Exercise guidelines

3. Counselling for parents

4. Session with the team pediatrician if required

Goal: To maximize your child’s genetic potential, both physical and intellectual.


A dedicated nutrition and exercise consultant and clinical psychologist will be assigned during the course of the program.

Continuous support:

After the diet and exercise plan has been handed over, regular follow-ups are scheduled to reassess and monitor progress. The team is available to provide continuous support even in between scheduled follow-ups.

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The team will suggest an integrated plan based on the report.