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Health and Fitness Plans

Health and Fitness Plans

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Sickness= DiseaseHealth= Absence of disease, likely to fall sick oftenFitness= Highest possible physical/mental performance for age
Being in debtNo profit/No lossLuxury

What’s the difference between being healthy and being fit?

The table compares the levels of health to one’s financial status. Everyone should aim to be at Level 3. Being fit does not mean you will never be sick. It just means that if you do fall sick, you will bounce back faster. It also means less medical costs.

Fitness requires effort. The graph below explains how more effort is needed to maintain peak fitness as we age. After the age of 30, our fat mass increases and muscles decrease. Excess body fat or obesity (> 20 and > 30 for men and women respectively) increases our risk for diseases. That’s the main reason why sickness/disease is often seen with ageing.

Fitness is a measure of your performance on the following components.  You need to fairly meet all 5 to call yourself “FIT”

The 5 components that make up total fitness are:

  •     Cardiovascular Endurance
    •     Muscular Strength
    •     Muscular endurance
    •     Flexibility
    •     Body Composition (Fat: Muscle)

There is not a one size fits all diet. Picking up a diet which one came across on social media or because it worked for someone is dangerous. Genetics, family history, diagnosis, sustainability and more factors influence what is the best diet for an individual.

A diet that has all the nutrients as per YOUR body’s 24 hour requirements and helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals is a BALANCED DIET.

Dieticians use principles of biochemistry, physiology and genetics to understand how nutrients affect the human body. They can:

  1. Plan a diet as per your health and fitness goals.
  2. Offer healthy substitutes
  3. Provide easy recipes if pressed for time.
  4. Facilitate behavioural change and motivate.
  5. Monitor progress.

Similarly an exercise plan is like a prescription which must include a combination of cardio, weight training and flexibility based on your desired goals: general fitness, recreational or professional sports. It should factor history of injuries, accessibility to equipments, time availability and medical history.

Exercise is for improving your physical performance and not for burning calories. It helps maintain muscle while losing weight.

Together a synchronised diet and exercise plan helps you remain lean, improves your blood parameters, prevents or cures illness, makes you stronger, faster and sharper. In short, it moves you from being sick to fit.

Mental wellness is an an important component of overall fitness.

Why us?

At Mind Your Fitness, we follow an integrated approach. The core areas covered are:

1.   Diet

After conducting the Nutritional assessment, a customized diet is planned based on:

–         Blood reports

–         Kind of food prepared at home

–         Favourite foods

–         Current schedule

–         Medical conditions/allergies

–         Healthy recipes/ substitutes

–         Exercise Schedule

2.   Exercise guidelines (pre-exercise evaluation in case of injuries/aches/pains)

3.   Emotional Well-being counselling


A sustainable plan to restore health, reduce body fat and maintain the inch loss.


A dedicated Nutrition, Exercise consultant and Counsellor will be assigned during the course of the program.

Team page: LINK

Continuous Support:

After the diet and exercise plans have been handed over, regular follow-ups are scheduled to monitor the progress. The team provides continuous support even in between the scheduled follow-ups.

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The team will suggest an integrated plan based on the report.