It’s never too late to start! Ageing well means being independent for a long as you can. This is only possible with a structured diet and exercise regime that supports your health and fitness.

The maximum of physical capacity comprises the decade between 20th and 30th life year. Between the 30th to 50th life year the reported changes in muscle mass, power and strength are small. Pronounced changes with ageing process occur after 50th life year with more than 15% strength loss per decade. This phase of life is also associated with maximum health issues and increased requirements of medication.

Your health and fitness depends on the amount of muscle you carry. So anti ageing simply means keeping body fat within range and maintaining muscle mass.

After menopause, women have to take special care of their heart and bone heath. After the age of 70, both men and women have equal risk of being osteoporotic.

Most adults in the 50+ age group seem to be deficient in vitamins, minerals and protein to support ageing. The absorptive capacity of the gut seems to be reduced with age. This gives rise to deficiencies resulting in poor health and frailty.



Diet plan

Follow ups

Continuous support

After conducting the nutritional assessment, a customised diet is planned based on:

Food preferences
Medical conditions, allergies, food intolerances if any
Chewing concerns
Drug nutrient interactions

Pre exercise evaluation

1-on-1 Online Training or Online Group Class (Conducted by an experienced physiotherapist)


The goal of exercise is to keep you as fast and strong as possible. Exercise also helps prevent cognitive decline and reduces risk of fractures. It improves balance and coordination and reduces risk of falls. It maintains balance and coordination which prevents risk of falls and related fractures. Our specialised team of exercise consultants will prescribe age and disease specific sustainable exercise guidelines after an evaluation. The prescription will have the right type, frequency and intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular, muscle and bone health. The plan is developed keeping in mind any existing bone/joint/spine health issues and current fitness levels.


Conducted online by a Clinical Psychologist

Mental Health

Our team of psychologists can help seniors improve their emotional well-being.

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