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When embarking on a fitness journey, the first port of call is finding the right advice on positive dietary changes. This is achieved through a consultation with a QUALIFIED dietitian.

What Does a Diet Planning Consultant Do?

Diet planning consultants provide nutritional plans to help people (of all ages, and socio-economic backgrounds) achieve their health and fitness goals.

They develop eating plans that promote health/fitness and even cure or prevent illness. 

Whenever you seek healthcare advice, it is important to check the person’s credentials.

What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

They have similar career paths which study diet, food, and nutrition. However, while they are similar, they are not the same. The difference lies in the type of education, professional training, and the legal restrictions that each title has.

There are certain licensures and certifications a DIETITIAN has to earn to be able to use the title. Nutritionists who do not use the titles of “dietitian” or “registered dietitian” are often free from government regulation.

The term “nutritionist” has a more general meaning. It can be used by anyone who has studied food and nutrients, even if they do not have any formal education accredited by a reputed university. Nutritionists learn general nutrition through short-term courses. They should not be formulating diets to treat medical conditions.

Who is a Registered Dietitian?

To become a registered dietitian, one needs to complete a basic degree in nutrition/dietetics approved by an accredited university, complete a rigorous hospital internship and pass a licensure exam held by the national board (Indian Dietetic Association in India). RD’s can prescribe diets to treat medical conditions as well as to enhance sports performance.

Why us?

At Mind Your Fitness, we follow an integrated approach. The core areas covered are:

1.  Diet

After conducting the nutritional assessment, a customized diet is planned based on:

  • Blood reports,
  • The kind of food prepared at home,
  • Current schedule,
  • Favorite foods,
  • Medical conditions/allergies if any,
  • Healthy recipes/substitutes recommended,
  • Exercise schedule.

2. Exercise guidelines (pre-exercise evaluation in case of injury/ aches/ pains).

3. Supplementation guidelines.

4. Emotional wellbeing counseling.

Goal: A sustainable plan to improve body composition, fitness levels and overall health/wellbeing.


Dedicated nutrition, exercise consultant, and a counselor will be assigned during the course of the program.

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Continuous support:

After the diet and exercise plan has been handed over, regular follow-ups are scheduled to monitor progress. The team provides continuous support even in between scheduled follow-ups.

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The team will suggest an integrated plan based on the report.