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Diabetes Care

India is the World’s Diabetes Capital.

Indians have a higher body fat when compared with Caucasians. This has led to a “thin fat” Indian diabetes phenotype causing early diabetes and metabolic syndrome even in Indian children.

Diabetes (irrespective of the type) leads to complications in the long term. It also increases your risk for other illnesses. It can also co-exist with other conditions eg: diabetes and hypothyroidism or diabetes with kidney disease. Prevention and control are key for improving quality of life and keeping medical costs down.


The Indian diet is mainly carbs.

Sources: cereals/grains, dals, pulses, fruits, table sugar, honey, jaggery, starchy vegetables like potatoes, and smaller amounts in milk and dairy products.

Our body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose that can either be used immediately or stored in the liver and muscles for later use. If in excess, it can be converted to fat.

Insulin’s job is to process glucose. The hormone insulin does not work well in diabetes. Body fat makes this function worse. Therefore a diet low in total carbs is recommended for better sugar control.


Muscles work to dispose of glucose. A structured exercise program defining frequency, intensity, type, and time will help in maintaining muscle, dropping body fat, and improving mobility and fitness. Many diabetics have other medical conditions and exercise recommendations depend upon a pre-exercise assessment by an expert.

Medications and monitoring:

Following a diet and exercise program will require periodic reviews of the initial prescription. Maintaining your sugar chart with home testing on a glucometer will help your doctor understand the trend and change medications accordingly.

Why us?

At Mind Your Fitness, we follow an integrated approach. The core areas covered are:

1. Diet

After conducting the nutritional assessment, a customized diet is planned based on:

  • the kind of food prepared at home,
  •  the schedule,
  • medical conditions/allergies if any,
  • healthy recipes/substitutes recommended
  • exercise schedule

3. Exercise guidelines (pre-exercise evaluation when needed)

4. Emotional wellbeing counseling

6. Sugar monitoring guidelines

Goal: A sustainable plan to reduce the need for medications and the risk of complications.


A dedicated nutrition and exercise consultant and clinical psychologist will be assigned during the course of the program.

Continuous support: After the diet and exercise plan has been handed over, regular follow-ups are scheduled to monitor progress. The team provides continuous support even in between scheduled follow-ups.

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The team will suggest an integrated plan based on the report.